These Pregnancy Announcement Ideas Will Get You Thinking

There are virtually an unlimited number of pregnancy announcement ideas that people have fortunately the taken the time to make public. Some of these ideas are quite straightforward, others are quite unique, a good and many are variations on a particular theme. How you want to go about announcing your pregnancy, assuming you do indeed wish to do so, will often depend on who the intended audience is. You may wish to let the whole world in on your little secret even though the majority of those who make up the whole world could probably care less.

Telling Your Husband or Significant Other

The very first person to get the news should of course be your significant other. There are a myriad of creative ways to give him the news, and just watching his reaction can be half the fun. There’s nothing wrong with saying “Guess what? I’m pregnant.” Simply saying “I’m pregnant.” will work as well. In either case, the timing can sometimes be important. One woman, on returning home from a visit to her doctor told her husband that the doctor told her she had two heartbeats. Her husband looked a little shocked and worried for a moment until her smile gave the secret away. She didn’t even have to use the word “pregnant.”

One rather clever way of letting him know, a way that has been tried and tested on a number of occasions, is to slip a note in a fortune cookie. Another way is to ask your significant other to please check the inside of the oven, after having placed a single bun in there. If his response is nothing more than “What was that bun doing in the oven?” you may have to be a little more direct, while wondering if you are married to a dunce. One woman greeted her husband as he returned home from work by saying “We’re so happy to see you!” When the husband asked who “We” are, she simply rubbed her belly. He caught on immediately. The fortune cookie idea also appears to work with prospective grandparents. Another idea is to send your parents, who are not yet grandparents, a greeting card; one that is obviously intended for grandparents.

From the above examples, it should be obvious that pregnancy announcement ideas that have a hint of mystery or a puzzle to be solved are more fun. You just don’t want to make the clues so difficult that the intended recipient can’t figure things out. When that’s the case, the worst thing you can do is say “Do I have to draw a picture for you?” Drawing a picture of a baby on your belly is of course another approach.

Many years ago, few people would ever think about broadcasting a pregnancy. This was in part due to a sense of modesty that has diminished over the years and in part due to the fact that after a while a pregnancy usually becomes rather obvious. Still, a pregnancy is something most women like to share with close friends and family, and on occasion with those in their workplace.

Staged Photos as Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Some couples like to send out pregnancy announcements just as people send out wedding announcements. The best of these announcements usually consist of staged photos. In some cases, a photo will contain a clever caption, in other cases the image is obvious and no caption is needed.

One couple designed an announcement that resembled a movie poster. It pictured the two of them with their names above and the words “Starring in” beneath their names. At the bottom of the picture in large letters were the words “Baby Boy” – Baby Girl will work as well, as will something like “Bringing Home Baby”. Under the title was a notice that said “Coming in October” and below that a few additional credits.

Another couple had their picture taken standing beneath a road sign that said “Bump Ahead”. Yet another couple sent out a photo showing two pair of adult shoes, a pair of children’s shoes, and a pair of baby shoes with the caption “We’re expanding our home by two feet.”

If there are already one or more younger children in the household, they can get into the act as well. Little children are often particularly proud of the fact that they are about to become big brothers or big sisters. One announcement showed an image of a little boy with a caption that said. “I’m an Only Child – Until February 2014.”

If staging a photo seems to be too much work, you can always revert to taking a photo of a bun in the oven.

Words Aren’t Always Needed

An announcement that uses the word “pregnant” doesn’t necessarily have to say “I’m pregnant.” Husbands sometimes like to get into the act as well. A photo showing a smiling couple can always say “We’re pregnant.” – There’s nothing wrong with that. One of the more hilarious announcements features a smiling husband looking directly at the camera while in the background his wife has her head over the toilet bowl. The caption simply says “Morning Sickness.”

Some announcements show an ultrasound image, or someone holding a photo of an ultrasound image. A somewhat related idea shows a stethoscope being placed against a woman’s belly. No caption will be needed in either case unless you choose to announce the due date.

Some women choose to wear a t-shirt or a maternity blouse featuring an announcement where the shirt or blouse covers the belly. Two popular themes are (1) “Baby on Board” and (2) a page from a desk calendar that simply gives the month, and says nothing more. One sign said, “About to Change Diapers – Again.”

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for the Workplace

It was mentioned earlier that one of the potential audiences for announcing you are pregnant might be your workplace. If you want to let your co-workers in on your little secret, one way might be to tell one or two people and then let the word spread naturally. As you shall see shortly, that may not always be the best way. Also, while there may be nothing wrong with taking a clever approach to making your announcement, you need to take professionalism in mind. How you go about letting your co-workers in on your pregnancy will often depend as much on the culture of the workplace as it will on your own ideas. A small photo on your desk showing a bun in the oven might just work in many instances. One very important thing to take into consideration is this: If you’re going to tell anyone you’re pregnant, tell your boss first. Your boss may not get all that excited about the news, but that’s not the point. The point is that you don’t want your boss to be the last one to know. Bosses don’t like to be the last person to know about anything that’s going on in their department.

Another thing to bear in mind as far as the workplace is concerned is this: While your boss may be happy for you, assuming he or she likes you, what is going through his or her mind is more likely to be how to get along without you following the birth of your baby, and how long you will be away from work. That can be a significant problem for some bosses, which is why it is a good idea to think things through a bit before giving your boss the news.

To Wait or Not to Wait

Finally, you may want to give some thought as to just when to let others besides your immediate family know you’re pregnant. You might even want to keep parents and close relatives in the dark for at least a few weeks. While becoming pregnant is exciting, particularly the first time, it’s sometimes best to wait a bit to make certain all is well. In other words, miscarriages or other problems are more likely to occur early in a pregnancy. The chance of having a miscarriage drops dramatically towards the end of the first trimester. Some couples like to wait until about that time before telling anyone, including their parents.

On the other hand, you don’t want to wait too long before letting your boss and co-workers know, especially if you begin to experience morning sickness to the extent you’re beginning to be late for work or are missing days of work entirely. If that’s not the case, you can wait until it’s impossible to disguise the fact if you wish.

All in all, that period of time towards the end of the first trimester seems to be an optimum time in which to spread the news. At that time, the pregnancy is well on its way to being a successful one and the bump has not yet began to become noticeable. Also, if you wait two or three months, you’ll have that much more time to come up with one or more truly ingenious ways to announce your pregnancy.