Clomid Ovulation Calculator

One of the greatest wonders of the world is childbirth. The creation of another human being is an awe inspiring moment that forever changes you. Unfortunately, some women are not able to easily conceive and must seek assistance to start the process.

Modern medicine provides amazing opportunities for women that previously could not conceive a child. The medication Clomid is one of those medicines that increases the production of a specific hormone involved with ovulation and fertility. This medication helps induce ovulation, which is necessary for conception. A woman is most fertile 6 days before and during ovulation. The idea is that the ovulation process is controlled and activated so that couples know exactly when they should be trying to conceive. It is also incredibly useful for women having trouble with ovulation.


Enter the date you started taking Clomid

The results quickly refreshes to reveal your ovulation and most fertile dates.

The goal of this medication is to enable a woman to ovulate approximately 5-9 days after the last day of being on Clomid, which is taken for 5 days. This is a quick way to increase chances to conceive instead of struggling with ovulation and timing.

If you are having difficulties conceiving and getting the timing right, ask your doctor about Clomid to see if this is a good match for you. It will hopefully increase the likelihood of conception.