IVF Due Date Calculator

The process of conception has many different forms in today’s modern world. In some cases, a couple cannot conceive or a woman decides to proceed with pregnancy without a male partner. In these cases, In Vitro Fertilization can be done. This process is known as IVF. During the process, the sperm fertilizes the egg outside of the uterus and the embryo is placed back inside the woman with the goal of full-term pregnancy. This is a tried-and-true method for those without another option and has resulted in countless healthy pregnancies.

IVF is a fantastic miracle of modern medicine. Even though the procedure is expensive and there are no guarantees that the body will take the eggs and carry until full-term, many women are committed to the process. During this journey, the woman must be monitored by a physician to oversee the viability of the fetus. The timeline of the gestation period in IVF is calculated under different guidelines than the traditional pregnancy.

This IVF due date calculator is designed specifically for those who are aimed at planning their special day. Of course, exact dates are not always predictable, but this gives you a close range.

When so many technical and complex processes surround the IVF procedure, this calculator keeps it simple to operate. It will quickly reveal the estimated delivery date. This type of calculation is typically a bit more exacting because a woman and physician know with great precision when conception occurred vs. a woman missing her period and then taking a pregnancy test to discover she is pregnant. In that unassisted scenario, the due date is calculated by the first day of the woman’s last period. This calculator will therefore be more accurate and able to provide a woman the dates she is trying to calculate.

How to Use

Select one of the four dates that is most certain and the estimated due date will populate.

Pregnancy under any circumstance is an exciting time. The due date is a great moment that you’ll look forward to. Keep in mind that even the most sophisticated of calculators cannot predict the exact date. Every woman is unique and reacts to pregnancy differently. It is important that the milestones of the pregnancy are closely monitored by a physician and this calculator is used as an estimate.