Ovulation Calculator

When it comes to women, conception, pregnancy and childbirth, everything happens in cycles with specific timeframes, measurements and gauges of progress. The entire process is dependant on a proper fertilization of the egg by the sperm. This does not just occur at an arbitrary time, rather there is a specific timeframe in which the likelihood of conception is at its highest. The optimum time of conception occurs 6 days prior to ovulation and during ovulation. The entire ovulation process occurs in cycles and is typically at 12-14 days before the next period. We provide an ovulation calculator that determines the best times to conceive.

How to Use

  1. Enter the date your last period began
  2. Enter the number of days in your menstrual cycle

This will yield the best days offering the highest possibility of conception – the time is a range of 3-5 days that match the specific calculations according to the last period and cycle inputs in the calculator. Those who do not want to have children should therefore be extra careful during this time.

The ovulation schedule and entire menstrual cycle is yet another measurement to determine whether or not conception occurred during ovulation. This is because the hormones that signal pregnancy do not fully reveal their levels until approximately a week before your next menstrual period. It is advisable that you wait until about 5 days before your next period before taking a pregnancy test to ensure a false negative does not occur.

The breakdown of times and cycles during the pregnancy is a construct, for the most part. In reality, the pregnancy is a long stretch from conception to labor. However, since the entire process happens inside the body, it becomes necessary to monitor and be aware of what is happening. For example, if a false negative is reported, it might cause a woman to engage in physical behavior she wouldn’t normally partake in if she knew she was pregnant. Therefore, it is vital to have methods of calculating these events and detecting them early. Also, it is a medical fact that ovulation must occur for conception to happen so having access to this ovulation calculator is very valuable.

The next time you are thinking about getting pregnant with your spouse or partner, it is not enough just to pick up a pregnancy test. Make sure to use this ovulation calculator and discover your must fertile days.