Pregnancy Calculators

ovulationOvulation Calculator – Calculates your ovulation date and best dates to conceive.

when-did-i-conceiveWhen Did I Conceive? – See when you became pregnant.

ivf-due-dateIVF Due Date Calculator – Reveals the due date for women who are on IVF.

pregnancy-testPregnancy Test Calculator – Calculates the best day to take a pregnancy test.

trimesterTrimester Calculator – Calculates the beginning and end of your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimesters.

clomid-ovulationClomid Ovulation Calculator – For women who are on Clomid. Shows your ovulation and fertile dates.

when-am-i-most-fertileWhen Am I Most Fertile? – Reveals your most fertile dates based on your period and average cycle length.

when-is-my-period-dueWhen Is My Period Due? – Shows the date of your next period based on your previous menstrual cycle.

When Was I Conceived?
– Find out when you were conceived.