When Did I Conceive?

The moment of conception can be difficult to get exact, especially when a woman is regularly sexually active. There may even be a situation in which a sexually active woman either changes relationships or has been with multiple men and then discovers she is pregnant. This situation makes it very difficult to discern who the biological father is, because there is typically lack of knowledge regarding the specific time of conception. Figuring out this date has been the source of many curious women, couples, and physicians. In order to offer some insight into this matter, we have created a conception calculator for those asking “When did I conceive?

The traditional method physicians utilize to determine the course of the pregnancy and determine the due date has been the date of the woman’s last menstrual period (LMP). This continues to remain a very good determination of calculating a woman’s due date. This is why the first step in utilizing this conception calculator is very easy and utilizes the LMP method as well.

How to Use

Enter your due date or the first day of your last period along with your average cycle length. Based on this information, the system will calculate the date you likely conceived.

All women should keep in mind that the results from this calculator, although can be accurate at times, is purely meant as an estimate. If you are pregnant, you should consult with a physician to monitor your pregnancy. These approximate dates should also not be used as a paternity test. Any questions of paternity can be accurately tested at birth and unless the delivery is planned, it is difficult to get an exact date.