When Was I Conceived?

The most common date that everyone knows and celebrates is his/her birthday. Since the moment we were born, the annual celebration of the birthday is a huge significance. As a child, it means birthday gifts, cake, and party favors – a great time with friends and family. The years pass and birthdays begin to be signified by important milestones – graduations, Bar-Mitzvahs, driver’s license, Sweet Sixteen, College, voting rights, a legal drinking age, and more. This begins to slow down as the big milestones are celebrated more intensely – 30, 35, 40, 50. It seems the decades are the big moments. The birthday is an important date that travels with us throughout our entire lives.

It is interesting that a more fundamental date is not celebrated. This date is the date of conception. It is difficult for many to pinpoint the precise date of conception; however, the month is a lot more likely to calculate – there is less speculation. In an effort to shed light on to the date of conception, this “when was I conceived” calculator offers this type of calculation. There can be so many variables in determining this date, but it is designed in very simple terms.

How to Use

The calculator is activated when you answer the one specific question that everyone knows the answer to: When is Your Birthday? The result is a 38 week date prior to your birthday. That’s the magic secret to this instant calculator – it does the math that most people are too lazy to do in their head or on paper. It can get a little tricky taking into account leap years, days in a month, and let’s not forget counting backwards too.

This calculator is great for those that want to attempt to conceive on a specific date, in effort that the child will be born on a specific date. For example, the way that would works is as follows: the mother enters in the desired birthday in the future and the calculator will present the necessary conception date. This is as close as you can get to a natural way to pick your child’s birthday, without a planned delivery date.

Another great way to make use of this tool is to enter the birthdays of your current children. This will tell you the approximate date of conception – who knows that date might even line up with that weekend getaway. You can get a lot of entertainment out of this site and also discover fun facts about other friends and family whose birthday they know. This simple and fresh perspective of looking at conception might not be a predictor of your due date, but it can certainly provide some fun conception forensic information.

Keep in mind that this calculator is an estimate based on a 38-week calculation. Some pregnancies last longer or shorter; therefore, the date revealed may not be exact.